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Technical SEO

Properly optimizing a site means more than simply following best practices. From crawling and indexing to targeting and relevancy, we're experienced in drafting optimization plans for businesses of any size, in any market.

Moreover, our technical background means we make it easy to integrate with client development teams to find the right solutions and speed up implementation.

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Content marketing

Search success hinges upon great content. It helps sites rank higher, earn better links and educate their audience. We create more than a 'blog', we build resources that establish brands as thought leaders in their space.

From buying guides to data-led studies and beyond, we've helped millions of people find answers to their questions, and that number keeps growing every day.

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Digital PR

The right online exposure helps businesses increase their authority in the eyes of their audience, as well as search engines'. We employ outreach and PR campaigns that showcase brands as market experts and drive rankings, traffic and revenue.

Our campaigns always focus on earning links inline with the search engine guidelines, thus increasing their value over time.

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Our lean and agile infrastructure means we can integrate with brands and leverage their resources in order to maximize results and efficiency.

For businesses with in-house SEO, content or PR teams, we can provide cutting-edge expertise and decades of experience, pushing the organic search channel to its full potential.

It’s not just our team and clients who love the work that we do. 

Our campaigns have received five European Search Awards and two Global Search Awards for the 2021 editions, making us the most awarded European agency this year for SEO campaigns!

Our approach

01. Lead

We begin with analyzing the market and establishing a baseline of organic performance in order to fine-tune our SEO strategy and tactical approach.

Our technical audit and keyword targeting optimizations focus on ensuring the site is maximizing its relevancy for its commercial pages.

We continue with strategic content creation that provides best in class answers to customer questions and funnels them towards the brand’s products and services.

The last part of the mix is our earned media campaigns that aim to bring coverage and organic links to the site, increasing popularity and credibility for both users and search engines.