Neat SEO Tools

Sharing our knowledge with the SEO community is one of the core values we hold. Over the years we’ve built several tools to help SEOs with their day-to-day work.

Search Analytics for Sheets

Getting bulk data from Google Search Console can be tricky, especially for large sites. Our tool seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets allowing SEOs to focus on extracting insights.

Link Intersect in Excel

Competition insights can provide valuable opportunities, especially when it comes to links. We’ve mimicked the original Moz tool functionality directly in Excel, allowing greater customization.

Scaling Google Trends

Monthly search volumes fall short when user behavior changes drastically, such as during the COVID pandemic. We’ve built a tool to automate analyzing large-scale daily keyword trends, so SEOs can react faster.

Keyword Mapping with Machine Learning

Assigning keywords to landing pages can be laborious, especially for large websites. Machine learning is a great tool to help us minimize  repetitive tasks, thus having more time to brainstorming ideas and finding opportunities.